On the front lines of the fight to end human trafficking.

We are an organization of action, and we’re bringing about systemic, holistic change. We invest in three core programs:  Training, Intervention, and Aftercare.

A Decade of Experience In The Fight Against Trafficking

Our Effective Programs


TraffickWatch Academy

Harnessing collective expertise in the global fight against trafficking, our TraffickWatch Academy program educates law enforcement, NGO practitioners, students, and communities with engaging, quality content from diverse leaders in the counter-trafficking community.


Search + Rescue

For the last decade, TER has become an expert in helping police find and free survivors and arrest traffickers for legal prosecutions.
We train local operatives, identify victims, build effective cases, utilize technology and covert gear, and support law enforcement in operations.

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Beyond Rescue

In addition to providing crisis care workers and social workers on our Search + Rescue teams, our Beyond Rescue program serves survivors and the exploited in the countries where we work.
Utilizing a trauma-informed approach and working in collaboration with other NGO partners, we are uniquely tailoring aftercare services for those in greatest need in the areas where we operate.

The Exodus Road’s Impact


Countries of Operation


Traffickers Arrested


Survivors Rescued

Our work around the world.

Latin America | In this undisclosed country, we empower a highly effective Search + Rescue team. This team of national operatives supports evidence gathering with police and has a special focus on cases involving criminal syndicates or transnational crime.
Brazil | Our new partnerships here will involve TraffickWatch Academy Brazil, a ten module training designed for Brazilian law enforcement officers. The training features key Brazilian experts and will impact thousands of officers.
India | This team of Search + Rescue operatives is highly effective and 100% national. The operatives and social workers target rural brothels and utilize a network of hundreds of informants and police networks to push cases forward.
Thailand | The birthplace of TER, we have both Search + Rescue and Beyond Rescue programming in Thailand. Our S+R team of national investigators works with Anti-Human Trafficking Police. Most cases are sex trafficking of minor boys and girls. Freedom House is also here.
Philippines | Our newest Search + Rescue team is launching here in 2021. Under strong national leadership, this team will combat sex and labor trafficking within the justice system in cities with high amounts of HT crime.
United States | With our headquarters in Colorado, we work to provide training and resources to make communities safer through our digital TraffickWatch Academy. We also support local law enforcement on projects.

Every individual has a role to play in the fight against human trafficking. Your influence, your talents, your community – you have something to offer. Together we can bring rescue to sons and daughters around the world.

DavidDelta Operative | The Exodus Road

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