Based in Southeast Asia and Latin America

National Staff

We employ national social workers, support staff, and investigators. We believe training and employing nationals in their own communities is critical to impacting sustainable change. However, because of the nature of their work and its danger, we can’t publicize their names or photos.

So while you can't see their profiles, you can see the effects of their work in every single rescue

HQ Staff

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado

CEO, Co-Founder

Matt Parker

"We can't help free those affected by human trafficking if we aren't actively looking for them."

As our Co-Founder and CEO, Matt is continually providing vision and oversight for the organization. He has a communications degree and spent a decade working in a local faith community before he began undercover work in SE Asia with police. Currently, he travels and speaks on behalf of the organization, designs the organization’s covert gear, and works with field teams as they press forward for freedom. He has lived overseas several times and traveled extensively doing humanitarian work over the last 15 years. Matt is married to his high school sweetheart, Laura, with whom he founded the organization. They have three kids and love being outdoors in the mountains of Colorado. You can learn more about how he started The Exodus Road here.

President, Chief Communications Officer, Co-Founder

Laura Parker

"No human being should have to live as a slave. It's not the kind of world I want to help build."

Laura is Co-Founder and President of The Exodus Road as well as the Chief Communications Officer. She has a degree in middle grades education, and a second major in English. She began her career as a teacher, and later merged into writing, starting her own blog and writing for various online and print publications. She now directs the Marketing & Communications team and oversees development within the organization. Laura loves collaborating with the field teams and bringing back stories from the front lines. After living in Asia for six years, she now lives in Colorado with her three children, and her husband, Matt Parker. Matt and Laura have been married for over 18 years and are high school sweethearts.

Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Steinbart

"I had a decision to make : Would I turn away and pretend I didn't know? Or would I accept the call to use my feeble gifts in an effort to shine just a ray of light in the darkness of this reality? Certainly, the ordinary can do extraordinary things."

Stephanie is The Exodus Road’s Chief Operating Officer. While originally from the midwest, she spent most of her career in the South before moving to Colorado. Stephanie has a degree in education and comes to us with over 15 years of nonprofit experience! During her tenure, she has worked for a multitude of organizations including the Susan G. Komen foundation. She has a passion for using her gifts of organizational leadership and collaboration to empower donors to have a hand in the mission of an organization and plans to continue to do just that. She is looking forward to beginning this new chapter in the beautiful state of Colorado working to help find and free victims of human trafficking. Stephanie is excited to share the gorgeous mountain views with her three sons and her husband.

Executive Director of Philanthropy

Will Leitch

"It breaks my heart to think of the millions of people on this planet who are enslaved. I feel my life, talents, and time are privileges to spend on behalf of others who need someone to care and to help."

Will is the Executive Director of Philanthropy. He is an integral part of our Advancement Team as he is responsible for raising money through grants to support The Exodus Road’s mission. He has two sons, and a three-year-old granddaughter he holds dear to his heart. Will is adventurous, to say the least! He has qualified for the Boston Marathon, and you will often find him trail running, road biking, rock climbing, and hiking the Colorado mountains.

Senior Director of Finance

Claudine Dickson

"To be a small part of such a huge mission fills me with an urgency to do more and engage my community in helping rescue any and all individuals who are suffering at the hands of traffickers."

Claudine is the Senior Director of Finance at The Exodus Road, building on her career in finance in different sectors including healthcare, law, US Defense contractors, and she’s served as the Executive Director of Finance for the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs. In short, she specializes in all matters of finance and strengthens our organization with her expertise. Claudine is married to a husband she adores, and together they have five wonderful sons. She is proud of her family and the life she and her husband created together. In her downtime, Claudia loves going to concerts and catching a movie. She enjoys crafting including sewing, quilting, and scrapbooking. We are so thankful to have Claudine on our team!

Director of Systems Development

Zach Ferlise

"Human trafficking is an issue I have experienced first-hand when working in North Aurora. Once I saw humans being trafficked in my own community, I felt wholeheartedly committed to eradicating this issue."

Zach helps build strategy and processes within the Advancement Department as their Director of Development. Before joining us at TER, he was Assistant Director of Operations at the Boys & Girls Club of the Pikes Peak Region. His background in organizational leadership and non-profit management makes him the ideal person to lead our team to success! In his spare time, Zach enjoys reading and writing, playing soccer, and binge-watching the latest shows at home.

Creative Director

Preston Goff

"All people are entitled to live free from oppression. As humans, we have a responsibility to create paths to liberation for those held captive in our world."

Preston is the Creative Director at The Exodus Road. He holds a B.A. in Theology and Spanish, and a Master’s of Divinity. As a member of the marketing team, he helps The Exodus Road share its stories of rescue with excellence and clarity. Preston’s wife, Kira, is a Colorado-native and he himself hails from Arkansas. He is an avid marathoner (including Boston!) and an outdoor enthusiast. Preston and Kira enjoy exploring Colorado’s trails with their dog, Bentley. Preston is grateful that his work empowers normal people to take part in liberation every day!

Director of Business Administration

Jenny Malmgren

"I care about human trafficking because I truly care fo the equality of human rights. Children, specifically, have always held a special place in my heart. Safeguarding our vulnerable children from exploitation is a mission I stand behind."

Jenny is the Director of Business Administration for The Exodus Road. She manages general administration and human resources, working closely with our finance department to keep TER’s systems and organization controls running smoothly. For over a decade, Jenny worked as an internal auditor establishing an enterprise software audit program for a Fortune 5 healthcare company. She was the lead auditor driving the program’s state of maturity, identifying enterprise improvement opportunities and reducing liabilities. Jenny is married and has two sons that she adores. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, read, cook, and explore Colorado’s great outdoors. Jenny was raised by two extraordinary immigrant parents who instilled in her a strong work ethic and a love of family and friends. Their life journey inspires her to be her best. We are so thankful for Jenny and the precision and excellence that she fosters at TER.

Director of Partnerships + Development

Scott Sterling

"While all of us could use some help from time to time, there are many out there who are forced into a life of oppression. I'm blessed to be a part of a team that takes on the responsibility to help those in need."

Scott is the Director of Partnerships and Development at The Exodus Road. He works to create strategic opportunities for businesses and donors to partner with TER in our mission to fight human trafficking. Scott’s background is in sales, marketing, and he holds a M.A. in Organizational Leadership. Over the past fifteen years working in sales and marketing, Scott has partnered with several organizations, including Procter & Gamble and the Dodgers. He also spent time in South Korea collaborating on strategic marketing plans for Hyundai, LG, and Samsung. When he’s not using his gifting to fight human trafficking, Scott loves to spend time with his wife and their two Great Danes. They stay active by walking, hiking, mountain biking, and exploring towns in Colorado.

Senior Social Media Manager

Ashlyn Alter

"I believe that social media can be used as a force for good in the fight against human trafficking."

Ashlyn is the Senior Social Media Manager at The Exodus Road. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Communication from the University of Houston, and she also co-founded the first student-run integrated communication agency.

Originally from California, she has lived in Texas for the past seven years, and now the team is thrilled to have her join us here in Colorado.

Ashlyn has a diverse background in implementing strategic campaigns, creating compelling content, and enhancing visual storytelling for various platforms. She is passionate about empowering others to live up to their fullest potential and share it with the world. Ashlyn has a fur-baby named Hunter, loves her morning coffee, and going on adventures with her best friend.

Senior Strategic Development Manager

Stephanie Kunstle

"I was blessed to grow up in a world where I was loved, safe, and given opportunities to thrive. So many people have not tasted this kind of life, and it grieves me to hear their stories of exploitation, violence, and poverty. I believe we must do all we can to fight for these men, women, and children to bring freedom and healing."

Stephanie is our Senior Strategic Development Manager. She began her journey with The Exodus Road as a content creator and now works with the advancement team. Stephanie leads the planning and execution of strategic communications and event management for key donors in order to cultivate relationships and engagement to ultimately bring freedom to survivors. Stephanie has a background in sales, development, and marketing in diverse for-profit and nonprofit sectors. She is married to David, and they have two precious daughters. When Stephanie is not advocating for the TER mission, she can be found in the kitchen whipping up recipes for her drool-worthy food blog. She loves to travel the world, cycle through beautiful Colorado, and celebrate life surrounded by loved ones, good food, and wine.

Global Operations Manager

Gia Labuguen

"I am humbled to have the power to end modern day slavery, and it is my privilege to do so."

A native of the Philippines, Gia received her B.A. in Women and Gender Studies with a minor in Legal Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her passion in working with nonprofits began at a young age and has continued to shape and evolve from volunteer work, to marketing initiatives and, now, global operations. She has dedicated much of her life to advocacy and outreach in human rights movements, LGBTQ+ issues, and supporting survivors of various lived experiences. She continues to fuel her passion in the fight against human trafficking by supporting our phenomenal national field teams. In her spare time, Gia loves to travel, cook, attend sporting events and spend time with her uniquely blended family.

Social Community Manager

Marlena Outlaw

"Human trafficking has always been heavy on my heart, especially having witnessed it the first time I traveled overseas. It is not okay, and it feels like such an overwhelming problem. Knowing that I can help just one person break out of a dark place makes this huge issue feel that much lighter."

Marlena was one of the very first employees of The Exodus Road team back in 2012. She was an integral part of the growth of TER and was eager to lend her many talents to any task thrown at her. After working for several other non-profit organizations, she is back with The Exodus Road, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! In her current role, as the Social Community Manager, she engages on our social media channels and cultivates strong relationships with influencers.

Marlena is married to her best friend, and together they have three young children. They are an adventurous family who loves being outside and spending time with friends. In addition to being an outstanding team member, wife, and mother, Marlena also teaches yoga. Her admirable ambition makes her a valued member of our marketing team.

Community Engagement Manager

Jamie Smith

"After witnessing the signs of human trafficking first hand on more than one occasion, the thought of someone being held captive in this industry just broke me. I've felt prompted to enter into this space for quite some time now, and am responding to this in an act of obedience in helping these victims."

Meet our Community Engagement Manager, Jamie! She is responsible for developing relationships with donors and giving them a high-quality experience with our organization that fosters long-term engagement and investment. Her strong background in communications and proven initiative from running her own photography business and years working in the non-profit realm makes her a perfect fit for our marketing team.
When she isn’t in the office, Jamie loves to spend ample time outdoors hiking, camping, and sitting by the bonfire with her husband, three kids, and their two dogs. She also likes to indulge in her guilty pleasure of binge-watching investigative crime shows.

Grants Manager

Taylor Tennis

"Human trafficking exists as the greatest injustice in our society today. If I were to come to the end of my life having used none of my willpower to attempt to address this injustice, I would deeply regret it."

Taylor is our Grants Manager. Working closely with the Executive Director of Philanthropy, she focuses on finding fitting grant partners and raising support for our work of fighting human trafficking.

She holds a B.A. in International Community Development and launched her nonprofit career serving as an AmeriCorps member on the development team at Reading Partners. After a few years leading the grants process for the Tulsa and then Denver region, she found herself in Colorado Springs. She has enjoyed getting to know the community, exploring the beauty, and living out her dream to help fight human trafficking with a talented and passionate team.

Systems Development Manager

Zelle Calina

"My family has personally experienced human trafficking. I want to be a part of the movement to end modern slavery."

Zelle is our Development Specialist and is an asset in supporting the Advancement Team at The Exodus Road. Zelle studied Biomedical Sciences and has a graduate degree in Public Health from the University of Nebraska Medical School. Through this graduate program, Zelle learned about human trafficking as a public health concern and she was compelled to help. She has a heart for her community and she helped found St. Jude’s Play Live fundraising chapter in Orlando, FL. This is a yearly event where kids and families play video games together and raise support for St. Jude’s Research Hospital. In the first year, her chapter raised $15,000 and then rocketed up to $50,000 in the second year and continues to grow. Zelle has two dogs, and she loves to hike with them. She also enjoys painting and playing board games in her down time.

Specialist, Humanitarian Affairs

Cintia Meirelles

Cintia is a Specialist in Humanitarian Affairs for The Exodus Road. Her academic background ranges from a business degree from a prestigious school in Brazil to a Master’s in Intercultural Studies and in Women’s & Gender Studies. She is a wife and mother, and she’s been actively engaged in her pursuit for equality and social justice for several causes. Her experience includes working with World Relief, helping to establish refugee families in the U.S., and her reach has gone as far as the Vatican where she met with Pope Francis to amend and sign a document of cooperation with the Catholic Church. Cintia was also responsible for a ground-breaking case study in Venezuela that influenced multiple organizations to focus on the refugee crisis there.

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