Have you always known you are psychic?


I knew. But I didn’t know I knew. You know?

I guess what I mean to say is that the answer to that question isn’t as easy as yes or no. Let me explain.

Melissa Divine | Psychic Medium

Shy little Melissa exhibited signs of psychic sensitivities even at the age of two.

During the course of my career and my unfoldment as a psychic medium, I’ve heard many tales from psychics and mediums touting their larger-than-life tales of imaginary friends turned spirit guides, head traumas that spurred vivid clairvoyant imagery, and even ‘ghosts’ hovering above beds at night.

Not me. I didn’t really consider I might have any abilities until my mid-30s and even then, my connection with Spirit started out as a whisper—not a bump on the noggin.

I didn’t die and come back to Earth to save humankind with my psychic abilities, and I didn’t have to fight to shake off throngs of dead people anxious to communicate with their loved ones.

What I did experience was subtler in nature, but it compelled me to ask the question just the same … “could I be psychic?”

First, a Word of Caution

Before I continue with my story, I want to be quite clear about this point: Everyone’s path to psychic unfoldment is unique. Different timing. Different story. Different circumstances. Different duration. Different starting point. Different destination. Different. Different. Different.

I, too, once fell victim to believing I must be less psychic than others just because no one else in my family tree exhibited psychic tendencies (nope, neither of my grandmothers conducted midnight séances at her dining room table). That being said, I know I was born to do this work. My path to unfoldment did ultimately lead me to my life purpose as a “spot on” professional medium whose experiences make me a better teacher to empower others and validate psychic stories of all kinds … and that includes you!


I’m proof you don’t have to experience near-death or head trauma to be psychic!


So if you are asking yourself if you too might be psychic, please don’t let anyone’s story (including mine) negate your belief in your potential. (Pssst. Keep reading to see a list of symptoms of psychic unfoldment).

“Could I be Psychic?”

As I said, I was in my 30’s before I really started to suspect something was shifting in me. And even then, I met it with more skepticism than apprehension.

It started with a feeling of being an outsider in my own life, a feeling of being unsettled, and an inner knowing that something was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it, and I didn’t know what to do about it, but I knew I wanted more in life.

To add to the confusion, that feeling of emotional upheaval that came on like a ton of bricks and seemingly without cause, came with other perplexing signs and symbols too. For instance, during a two-week period, I saw the number 999 repeated nearly everywhere I went, most of the major appliances in my home “blew up” when I touched them, and I experienced a series of migraines that landed me in the emergency room twice. I was befuddled and bewildered at what was happening to me (and the garage door opener, and the clothes dryer, and the kitchen-aid mixer, and my cell phone, and the dishwasher …). My health, my sanity, and my seemingly normal life was falling apart. I figured I was just going to have to live with it.


If you have a soul, then you’re psychic! Telepathy, intuition, Spirit communication, connection with Divine Consciousness—whatever you call it, it’s all communication of the soul. You did it before this lifetime, and you’ll do it after this lifetime.


The major turning point and biggest impetus to my conscious unfoldment as a medium was the jolting and sudden passing of my father in a tragic accident. Within days of his death, the signs and symbols of my immanent life as a psychic medium started unfolding all around me. I experienced clairvoyant flashes, voices chattering in my head, and even an honest-to-goodness billboard that spelled it out for me … “Psychics Needed. You Know Where to Apply.”

Although I was extremely skeptical of becoming suddenly psychic at the age of 36, I couldn’t shake all the synchronistic events happening in rapid succession everywhere I looked, so I read nearly everything I could get my hands on regarding psychic development and scored nearly 100% accuracy on the psychic exercises and experiments I conducted. I was stunned. Spirit’s quiet whispers and gentle nudging propelled me forward even through pangs of skepticism, fear, and psychic panic attacks. I was encouraged by all of the doors that opened for me without knocking, and so, with their blessing and their encouragement, I kept progressing.

Within months of my first utterance of “could I be psychic?” I found myself conducting readings for acquaintances, hosting development circles, and even helping others to develop and understand their abilities.


Signs and Symptoms of Psychic Potential

Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, when I look back at the trajectory of my life, I can see signs of my future as a professional medium even in my earliest memories.

Perhaps you’ve experienced some of them too. Because our psychic senses are so natural to us, we often don’t realize that everyone doesn’t experience them. These symptoms, though they may seem generic, are often repeated in the stories of psychics and mediums.

How many of these symptoms of psychic quickening have you experienced?

  • Sensing a persistent presence and feeling you’re not alone
  • Feeling different and alone even in the presence of others
  • Having a tendency to “talk” to someone who is not there
  • Using a plural pronoun (we, us) when referring to oneself
  • Seeing orbs or flashes of light in your physical environment
  • Feeling a repetitive tingling sensation on the crown of your head
  • Hearing a persistent buzzing in your ears
  • Hearing voices or chatter in your mind
  • Seeing flashes of images when you close your eyes
  • Having a wiser-than-your-years knowing in childhood
  • Knowing personal details about others before they tell you about them
  • Sensing insincerity or inconsistencies of emotions displayed by others
  • Being characterized and sought out as “good judge of character”
  • Being told personal stories followed by “Why Am I Telling You This? I’ve never told anyone this!”
  • Electronics and appliances malfunction in your presence
  • Electronics and appliances stop working when you touch them
  • Feeling emotional upheaval or social anxieties especially in large groups
  • Experiencing anxiety or panic attacks for no apparent reason
  • Being very emotional and crying easily
  • Feeling deep empathy for even slight human suffering
  • Feeling sensitive to and discomfort from news stories and TV programming
  • Feeling a distaste for the consumption of meat and dairy products
  • Experiencing food, chemical, and/or environmental sensitivities
  • Experiencing dream premonitions
  • Having a strong and persistent interest in psychics, mediumship, or other esoteric topics
  • Feeling a strong pull toward movies and media relating to fantasy or metaphysical topics
  • Being “inspired” to be creative or inventive especially after waking in the morning

These are just some of the “symptoms” that psychics experience. As you can imagine, these symptoms don’t necessarily indicate a future as a professional psychic, nor is it a complete or fully comprehensive list. To learn more about psychic development or to schedule a private consultation with Melissa regarding your psychic development, visit www.MelissaDivine.net

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Melissa Divine | Psychic Medium

Melissa Divine | Psychic Medium

Melissa is renowned for ‘spot on’ psychic medium readings that are chock full of evidence, insights, and compassion. Melissa and Spirit change lives and convert skeptics to believers through channeled readings, sold-out events, and professional instruction for a new generation of skilled psychics and healers.

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